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10 Best Books for 1000-rated Players -
Our 10 best chess books for 1,000 rating include: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Chess” by Patrick Wolff, “Learn Chess” by Dr. John Nunn, “Chess…
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The 7 best variations of the Sicilian Defence (and why) -
The 7 best variations of the Sicilian Defense are: The Oapen Sicilian, the Najdorf, the Dragon, the Moscow, the Rossolimo, the hyper-accelerated Dragon and the…
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10 best chess rollup boards -
The top 10 best chess rollup boards include 3 sets from WE Games, 1 from Wholesale Chess Archer, 1 from the House of Staunton, 1…
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Can you be smart and bad at chess? -
Yes, you can be smart and bad at chess at the same time. Being smart doesn’t automatically give you a special talent at chess. It…
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Do you have to move the king when in check? -
You don’t have to move your king when he is in check. However, you are obliged to get him out of check immediately. When your…
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Do chess books actually help? -
A good chess book will absolutely help your game if you apply its lessons in real practice. The authors of the best chess books spent…
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Can chess be solved? -
In theory, chess can be solved because the rules create a closed, predictable system. In practice, however, chess cannot be solved because it’s beyond the…
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Can the king capture when in check? -
The king can certainly capture while he is in check. As long as capturing gets him out of check and doesn’t put him in a…
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10 Best Chess Books For Attacking -
Our 10 best chess books for attack are: “Attack with Mikhail Tal” by Mikhail Tai, “Storming The Barricades” by Larry Christiansen, “Sacrifice and Initiative In…
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