Does bullet chess make your game better? -

Does Bullet Chess Make You Better?

Bullet chess can make you better but only when played with regular, slow chess too. If you only play bullet chess, you will get better at bullet only. You could lose the ability to put deep thought into the ordinary chess game and if you encounter a pattern on the board that you don’t recognize, you will be floundering. Bullet chess can be great for practicing time-poor end games.

10 Best Chess Books to Become a Grandmaster -

The 10 Best Chess Books To Become A Grandmaster

The 10 best chess books to become a grandmaster include the 5 volumes that make up Garry Kasparov’s “On My Great Predecessors”, “My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer”, “Think Like A Grandmaster” By AA Kotov, “Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual” by Mark Dvoretsky, “The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal” by Mikhail Tal and Positional Decision Making In Chess By Boris Gelfland.

Do chess grandmasters have other jobs? -

Do Chess Grandmasters Have Other Jobs? [Sort Of, Yes]

Other than playing chess, grandmasters do have other jobs. The vast majority of chess grandmasters can’t afford to concentrate on playing chess full-time because it simply isn’t well-rewarded enough to do so. The most common way for a grandmaster to supplement their income is to coach chess. That be very well paid, and it helps keep the grandmaster’s game in shape too.

Are pawns important in chess? -

Are Pawns Important In Chess?

Pawns are extremely important in chess. The idea that pawns are weak because of their constrained movement is completely inaccurate. Together, pawns form an army and their strength is in numbers and formations. They are absolutely vital to the defence of the most important chess piece, the king!

Are chess computer unbeatable? -

Are Chess Computers Unbeatable? The Cold Hard Truth

Chess computers are now so strong that they are practically unbeatable. It is highly unlikely that even the greatest human players would beat a computer playing at a full capacity. This is because a computer can analyze millions of possibilities and compare them against each other within seconds. No human mind can hope to compete with such analytical powers.

Top 8 grandmaster blunders of all time -

Top 8 Chess Grandmaster Blunders Of All Time

Our top 8 grandmaster blunders of all time include the current world champion Magnus Carlsen throwing a game away, the former world champion Anataloy Karpov doing it twice, and a grandmaster being soundly thrashed due to an unforced error playing a computer and then the computers returning the favor when playing another grandmaster! This is a must see group of games for any keen chess player.

Which is harder: Chess or Bridge? -

Which Is Harder Chess Or Bridge? An Honest Comparison

It is probably easier to learn to play chess than bridge. It is harder still to learn the bidding language of bridge. Bridge can get somewhat more complicated because the players have to agree to certain parameters, which can change a player’s approach to the game. However, bridge has an element of luck which is not present in chess at all.

How to play timed chess: A step-by-step guide -

How To Play Timed Chess: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this article, we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about playing the game under time pressure. We’ll talk about how you set a clock, the time standards in common use, the etiquette of using a clock, what you do when the flag falls on a player and how you can better manager your time in the game to keep as many seconds on your clock as possible, let’s take a look at that in closer detail.

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