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How long does it take to learn chess? -

How It Takes To Learn Chess [Hint: It Depends]

You can learn the rules of chess and each piece’s moves in a day or so. You can be playing a good level of chess within a few months. If you want to master the game and join the elite, you may need your entire life to do so. Even the greatest living chess players are not as good as the best chess computers are and that means that there is always room for learning.

Why do chess players take notes? -

The 8 Reasons Chess Players Take Notes

There are 8 good reasons for this and they include tournament rules, time limits, cheating, arbiter preference, the ability to claim a draw (in two different manners), to improve on your own game and simply because the practice makes it easier to study chess where the notations are used in books and magazines to illustrate great (and not-so-great) games.

Does black have a disadvantage in chess? -

Does Black Have A Disadvantage In Chess? Here’s the truth.

Statistics show that black has a disadvantage in chess because players with the white pieces tend to win 52-56% of all won games. That means playing with black could result in significantly more losses than playing with white. However, there is no scientific proof that there is an inherent disadvantage in playing black and many argue that there is no real disadvantage.

Why your chess is not improving and what to do -

10 Reasons Your Chess Game Is Not Improving

Our guide to why your chess game is not improving (and what to do) includes 10 reasons that your practice might not be paying off and how to rectify them. We look at the environment, solo practice, partners, coaching, big picture thinking, problem solving, bad habits, your past games, self-belief and the time you put in to give you a strategy for success in the future.

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