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Do chess grandmasters have other jobs? -

Do Chess Grandmasters Have Other Jobs? [Sort Of, Yes]

Other than playing chess, grandmasters do have other jobs. The vast majority of chess grandmasters can’t afford to concentrate on playing chess full-time because it simply isn’t well-rewarded enough to do so. The most common way for a grandmaster to supplement their income is to coach chess. That be very well paid, and it helps keep the grandmaster’s game in shape too.

Top 8 grandmaster blunders of all time -

Top 8 Chess Grandmaster Blunders Of All Time

Our top 8 grandmaster blunders of all time include the current world champion Magnus Carlsen throwing a game away, the former world champion Anataloy Karpov doing it twice, and a grandmaster being soundly thrashed due to an unforced error playing a computer and then the computers returning the favor when playing another grandmaster! This is a must see group of games for any keen chess player.

Why are chess players so arrogant? -

Why Are Chess Players So Arrogant? Here’s The Truth

Although the most prevalent image of chess players is that they are nerdy, some arrogant chess players, including world champions, do exist. Some chess players are arrogant probably because they have so much heart, soul, and pride in the game. In the midst of such high emotions, people’s behaviour can become that much more intense.

How do chess players think ahead?

How Do Chess Players Think Ahead?

Chess players think ahead by visualizing the board, examine certain moves and weigh up different positions to evaluate their benefits. Often, grandmasters know instinctively what to do next but they think ahead to try and prove themselves wrong to see what they could be missing.

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