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How to decide who is white in chess -

How To Decide Who Is White In Chess?

There is no official rule governing who gets the white pieces in chess. In informal games, the traditional way to decide who is white is to conceal a piece of each color, one in each hand, and offer your opponent a choice of hands. There may be a rule implemented at chess tournaments that requires a specific method of choosing though if there’s not, you are free to reach an agreement on pieces in any way you see fit.

Are chess tournaments timed? -

Are Chess Tournaments Timed? What You Must Know

Yes, most chess tournaments are timed. It is down to the individual tournament organizer in most cases as to how this will work, though FIDE official tournaments are governed by FIDE’s rules on timing for individual matches. In order to allow players to play at a very high standard, many tournaments may allow additional time based on number of moves played.

Can the king capture the queen in chess? -

Can The King Capture The Queen In Chess?

The king can definitely capture the queen in chess, though it is not easy. While the king may not be able to move very far in any direction as the queen can, it can certainly take a piece of any nature in any of those directions as long as he doesn’t put himself in check.

Can you repeat moves in chess? -

Can You Repeat Moves In Chess?

Any move can be repeated in chess, as long as that move is a legal move, and thus the position on the board does not prevent a move from being repeated. Although many would argue that this loses “tempi”, a move in chess can be repeated without any official forfeit. The only exception is when both players repeat their position three times over – in this case the chess game is drawn.

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