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Are pawns important in chess? -

Are Pawns Important In Chess?

Pawns are extremely important in chess. The idea that pawns are weak because of their constrained movement is completely inaccurate. Together, pawns form an army and their strength is in numbers and formations. They are absolutely vital to the defence of the most important chess piece, the king!

How to play timed chess: A step-by-step guide -

How To Play Timed Chess: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this article, we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about playing the game under time pressure. We’ll talk about how you set a clock, the time standards in common use, the etiquette of using a clock, what you do when the flag falls on a player and how you can better manager your time in the game to keep as many seconds on your clock as possible, let’s take a look at that in closer detail.

Chess without the queen can you really play? -

Chess Without The Queen: Can You Really Play?

You can play chess without a queen. You can, and often should, continue playing the game if you lose the queen, especially early on in the game. Although the odds will be against you, playing without a queen can force you to think out of the box, try new tactics, and learn something new. It is definitely worth the mental exercise of playing chess without the queen.

King side vs. Queen side castling: What is best? -

King Side Vs. Queen Side Castling: What’s Best?

When we start to learn chess, we’re encouraged to castle on the king side because it offers a higher level of protection for the king. However, it’s important to realize that there can be real advantages to playing to the queen’s side, specifically you gain the benefit of opening up your queen side rook in a more aggressive position.

How important are openings in chess? -

How Important Are Chess Openings? (7 Reasons To Study)

Openings are very important in chess. A good opening will give a player an advantage when heading into the mid-game, prepare the pieces to launch and attack, and build a defence at the same time. They are so important that many top players will spend years of their lives just studying openings to see how they can impact on their game.

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